Saturday, April 4, 2009

Motion Activated Garden Guard

For all of you who want to protect your flower beds, garden and ponds from deer, raccoons, herons or domesticated animals, here is the latest, easiest, chemical-free device to use.

This is a motion activated garden sentry using infrared detection technology. When it detects something moving in it's 105° field-of-view, it sprays a forceful yet harmless stream of water. The targeted animals are scared by the sudden noise and the movement of the sprinkle and leave the area. The device requires a 9-volt battery which lasts four to six months.

You can buy this from HERE, for the price of $70.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Diving Prescription Mask

A few days ago I was surfing the web and I saw that there was no site displaying information about diving prescription masks, so I decided to write an article, helping those who might need it.

A diving prescriprion mask is almost a normal diving mask, only that it is for those who have eye problems. If you usually wear glasses and you want to practice diving, you surely need one of these. There are many types of lenses that can be ordered for anyone's prescription, so that you have no problem under water.

A few sites selling diving prescription masks: Prescription Dive Masks, Rx Dive Masks, Sea Vision USA.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Talking Calculator

Here we have what I call a great invention: the talking calculator. This is a multifunctional device, mainly used as a calculator. The best thing about it is that it speaks loud what you are typing, so that you type correctly. It supports two languages: English and Mandarin.

The talking calculator also has many other functions, such as alarm, time displaying, calendar, etc. Another great thing is that it can be powered by USB or by AAA batteries.

This useful gadget is available HERE, for only $23.

Monday, February 16, 2009

iPod Video Goggles

Today I will present you the newest tool for those of you who have an iPod: The iPod Video Goggles. Anyone who has an iPod knows that it can play different types of video files, but this ability isn't used so much because of the small size of the screen (you must hold the iPod very close to your eyes to distinguish what the video is about).

The new goggles make this ability useful now. They project a virtual 24 inch TV right in front of your eyes just by connecting them to your iPod. They draw power directly from the iPod, being able to run between two (30 Gigabyte iPod Video) and more than four hours (80 Gigabyte iPod Video).

The product is available on, HERE, at the amazing price of $110.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spy Camera Watch

Here we have a really cool spy gadget: The Spy Camera Watch. This is the latest spy gadget, one that looks exactly like a traditional watch.

It uses a Li-ion battery, which can be recharged through USB cable, it has 8Gb of storage, where it records videos in AVI format at a resolution of 352 x 277 at 15 FPS, and a built-in microphone, to record conversations too.

The Spy Camera Watch is available HERE, for the price of $100.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Palm's new Pre

Palm, once a company at the forefront of PDA technology, having launched such succesful and recognizable models such as the Palm III, Palm V or the hugely popular Treo series, is said to soon make a comeback following a period of grim prospects. Introducing the Palm Pre, the upcoming PDA phone from Palm, schedueled to be released in the USA sometime this summer. With a new operating system based on Linux called WebOS, Palm is trying to market the device as a true alternative to the now dominating iPhone and Blackberry, offering a snappy user experience combined with innovative UI features which make using the phone a real treat.

After using it first hand, the device feels really snappy and has absolutely no lag, even though it is still a prototype. Moreover, the keyboard is very comfortable and pleasing to touch.

Some tech specs:
  • 3G Data
  • 802.11b / g WiFi
  • Integrated GPS
  • 3.1-inch 24-bit color 480 x 320 display
  • Dedicated gesture area below display
  • Slide-out portrait QWERTY keyboard
  • Exchange email support in addition to POP and IMAP
  • IM, MMS, and SMS messaging
  • High-performance browser
  • 3-megapixel camera with LED flash and "extended depth of field"
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR with A2DP
  • 8GB of internal storage
  • USB mass storage mode
  • MicroUSB connectivity with USB 2.0
  • Proximity sensor for detecting when phone is near face
  • Light sensor to automatically dim display
  • Ringer mute switch
  • Removable rechargeable battery
  • 59.57 x 100.53 x 16.95mm closed
  • 4.76 ounces

And a short video to show of the phone:

Blaupunkt And miRoamer Present The First Internet Car Radio

Blaupunkt have announced that they will launch a new product, a car radio which will be able to stream radio stations from both internet and AM/FM.

The radio will connect to the internet through a 3G internet connection, then you will be able to access radio stations from miRoamer, a popular internet radio site, which provides tens of thousands of different stations.

The German leader in automotive multimedia said that the device will be available this year and it will be also included as an optional device for cars produced by some companies like Volkswagen or Fiat.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Antique Floating Globe

This tool will look great on the top of your desk. A floating globe. It sounds interesting. You may think that it's suspended by an invisible wire, but it's not. It is actually suspended by an impressive electronically controlled magnetic system.

With an 8" diameter, the globe displays a highly detailed map of the entire world.

It has a magnetic field sensor which records the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnets situated in the globe sphere and transmits this to the computer. The computer analyses the received data, controlling the electronic magnets so that the sphere moves accurately upwards or downwards.

When the suspension mechanism is turned off, there is a permanent magnet in the base which holds the sphere safely on the frame.

You can buy the globe from HERE for the price of $90.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Solar Powered AM/FM Radio

An interesting thing to own - a solar powered AM/FM radio. For example, when you travel, when you go on a trip, you want to listen to something and you realise that your batteries are dead, you wish you had bought some new ones before getting so far from the closest village. This problem is now solved, thanks to this solar powered radio. You just need to place it in daylight and it will start charging. Forget about all the fuss created by carrying adaptors and spare batteries.

As a radio-passionate, I will surely buy one of these so I can scan the FM wherever I go. It can be bought from HERE for only £15.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Casio's Atomic Watch

The newest gadget created by Casio is the atomic watch. Yes, that watch we all see in movies, that one which doesn't lose nor gain a second in 30 million years. Now it is available so that everyone can have one at his own wrist.

The watch syncronizes with an atomic time signal from up to 2000 miles away from one of the transmitters located in USA, England, Germany and Japan. The first time you use it, you have to set your current location and after that, it will pick up himself the time of the zone you visit. It also has a solar panel that powers the battery.

The atomic watch is available HERE, on

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nintendo's Wii Fit - A Combination Of Fun And Fitness

Wii Fit is the newest gadget created by Nintendo. It is basically a game, but it incorporates healthy exercises. You can practice yoga, strenght training, balance and aerobics. You can also find out your body's performance by using the Body Test application provided by Wii Fit.

The gaming console offers interactive games which require the player to physically move, a different approach of gaming if we consider the other types of games, which offer sedentary activities, in front of the computer or TV.

Health specialists say that this is an excellent idea of making people do physical exercices and mantain their physical condition. If fact, being as fit as a fiddle doesn't require so much effort nowadays because, as we can see, if we just play, we won't need any other type of work.

Nintendo Wii Fit is avalaible HERE at the price of only $90.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

T-Eye Automated Driving Recorder ADR-3000

Here we have the latest tool to use when you travel by car. T-Eye Automated Driving Recorder ADR-3000 is a device which has the ability of video recording your voyage to a memory card (when the card is full, it is rewritten and when its sensor detects a bump - accident, it saves the minutes when the accident took place) and in case of an accident, the guilty one will be very easy to be noticed by the police after viewing the recording.

Have you ever had an accident that wasn't provoked by you, but you didn't have any witness, the other driver said that it was your fault and you were fined or even had to be taken in front of a court? This device could have saved you. It also records your speed and your exact position (it has a built in GPS module).

You can buy it HERE at the price of £300.

The Beginning Of A Blog

Hello. Today, January-7-2009, this blog is being created. I hope you'll like it. I'll write lots of articles, technical, medical, musical, etc, any domain that gives birth to something new. If there is anything new on the market, you will find out. So, let's start writing...