Wednesday, January 7, 2009

T-Eye Automated Driving Recorder ADR-3000

Here we have the latest tool to use when you travel by car. T-Eye Automated Driving Recorder ADR-3000 is a device which has the ability of video recording your voyage to a memory card (when the card is full, it is rewritten and when its sensor detects a bump - accident, it saves the minutes when the accident took place) and in case of an accident, the guilty one will be very easy to be noticed by the police after viewing the recording.

Have you ever had an accident that wasn't provoked by you, but you didn't have any witness, the other driver said that it was your fault and you were fined or even had to be taken in front of a court? This device could have saved you. It also records your speed and your exact position (it has a built in GPS module).

You can buy it HERE at the price of £300.

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